The Avatas team has over 30 years’ combined experience in the development, trialling, testing, use and upgrade of biometrics in the Government and private sectors, and we understand the technical and operational requirements of integrating capabilities into existing systems. The Avatas team have all played roles in the national rollout of SmartGates Arrivals (Seamless Traveller) and SmartGates Departures, which are currently the most advanced biometric-based facilitation system currently in Australia.

Most recently, we have led the development of the first end to end trial, with biometric capability fully integrated into the passenger journey at Sydney Airport. The project includes passengers undertaking a biometric journey through all key touchpoints in departures and with biometric cameras to capture them on arrival. The solution enables passengers to use a paperless journey, using their face as validation of their identity.


Avatas is a specialist in this field, our team can boast the most experience and knowledge on the development and integration of biometric facilitation solutions in the aviation space. We can assist clients with:

  • Strategic advisory on scope and objectives fulfilment

  • Gap analysis of existing systems and infrastructure

  • How applications can benefit business as usual passenger facilitation

  • Developing operational efficiency enhancements

  • Technology integration

  • Biometric performance evaluations

  • Biometric algorithm assessment and selection

  • Trial and production level strategy and planning 

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